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Our Story


      The Jersey S'more Company was born out of a passion for beautiful, decadent, never-before-seen confections, coupled with the American love affair with a great s'more. 

      Each handmade S'more begins with a top secret, homemade, cookie batter recipe, and is joined by the highest quality marshmallow, smothered in our velvety light, dark, or white chocolate, then finally, covered with your choice of fabulous crushed toppings! Custom order your very own "S'more fun" creations from our expansive list of S'more compliments that includes:


crushed oreo, nilla wafer crush, toffee bits, sweet 'n salty pretzel, toasted coconut, broken reeses pieces, banged-up twix bar, whooped whoppers, colored sugar balls, peppermint patty, graham cracker, smashed snickers, peanut butter cup chunk, sweet white coconut, hammered m&m's, chocolate chips, snowcap crunch, peppermint patty, peanut butter chips, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, and more! The choices are endless... the taste is INCREDIBLE!

      Platter them, box them, or wrap them individually, for yourself, or someone else! The Jersey S'more Company's S'monster S'mores and S'mini S'mores are deliciously decedant... we recommend they be cut and shared. They make amazing, original and fun, individually wrapped party favors, and, they can be tied with your personalized ribbon! Perfect as holiday, hostess, teacher, coach, college student care package, party, "cheer up a friend", or indulge yourself gifts. 

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